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Kickstart Your EOS® Implementation with Microsoft 365 Teams & SharePoint

Companies all over the world are breaking through new boundaries with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Host your EOS® implementation in Microsoft Teams and SharePoint on your Microsoft 365 tenant. Trista Technology has SharePoint designs that will help your team get the most out of both EOS®and Microsoft 365. One time setup cost; no subcription fees.  

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Collaborate with your EOS® tools online:

  • V/TO™
  • Rock sheet
  • Issues list
  • IDS issues
  • L10 Meetings™
  • To Do List
  • Team & individual metrics with BI tools  
Management Framework

Microsoft 365 is Perfect for EOS®

Let's face it. We live in a remote management world. Fully utilize all the amazing features of Microsoft 365. You've already purchased them for your whole company. You have everything you need. By working with Trista Technology you'll learn how to leverage MS365 and integrate EOS® across your organization. For basic package: One time setup cost; no subcription fees.

Match the best of Microsoft 365 to all the key elements of EOS®:

  • Teams chat & file sharing
  • Teams Meetings
  • Integrate EOS® To Do's with Planner and the Microsoft Task platform 
  • SharePoint lists allow you to filter/track commitments (goals, rocks, to do's) by team member
  • Use Microsoft forms to collect executive team issues from across organization 
  • Manage multiple EOS® instances with SharePoint Hub sites and Teams 
  • Build an Issues Dashboard to aggregate issues across teams in Excel.
  • Create and publish scorecards in Excel or Power BI
  • Dynamically update EOS® site pages from SharePoint Goals-Rocks and Issues lists  
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