The Trista Way

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About Trista

We solve business problems and help teams become effective with technology. We’re experts with the tools you already have. Our services include: training, support, custom solution development, and personal/team coaching. Our sweet spot is the Microsoft 365 suite of products and services.


Trista Technology has been a Microsoft Partner since 2008 with a primary focus on small and midsized businesses (SMBs). We've been developing business solutions on Microsoft platforms for 20 years and on SharePoint since 2001.

Our specialty is software, business process management, and generally the data side of IT. We’re unique in that we really understand business; not just technology. We’ve started and grown companies, managed departments and served on boards of directors. We understand the constraints and needs of our clients.

The Business Need

The IT role for SMBs historically focuses on and supports infrastructure such as the network, servers, telephony, and PCs. Operating departments like sales, marketing, finance, and operations are left alone to create their own technology solutions.

These solutions are often ad hoc and created mid-crisis. They usually don’t take best advantage of the available tools or skills. Unfortunately, they can become embedded business processes that sap resources for many years to come. That’s where Trista Technology can help. We’ll help you and your team build and implement the best solutions for you now that can scale as you grow.

This is an exciting time for SMBs. Enterprise tools like SharePoint Microsoft Teams and Business Intelligence (BI) are now cost effective, and if you’re a Microsoft 365 customer you probably already own all the software you’ll need.

The Trista Way

Flexible, affordable and easy to do business with. Project by project, or contract with us as a part-time team member. We’ve developed customizable off-the-shelf solutions for Strategic Planning, Board Management, and popular management frameworks among others to speed implementation and lower costs.