EOS® on Microsoft 365

Effective Team

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®)

  1. Read the books
  2. Visit EOS Worldwide
  3. Engage a Certified Implementer
  4. Call Trista Technology to see how EOS® works on Office 365

VISION: (V/TO™) Vision Traction Organizer™

  • Persistent vision & accountability statement
  • Dynamically updated
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PEOPLE: Accountability Chart

  • Dynamically updated from master Visio file
  • Define roles for each seat
  • Right person/right seat (RPRS) updated from People Analyzer™
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PEOPLE: Quick Analyzer

  • Quickly evaluate (RPRS) any position in any meeting
  • Auto average and score team input
  • Right person/right seat (RPRS) updated from People Analyzer™
    • Core Values
    • Gets it
    • Wants it
    • Capacity to do it
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PEOPLE: People Analyzer

  • In depth evaluation
  • Score and comments on each value
  • Score and comments on GWC for each position role
  • Collate and calculate scores/comments for 360° review
  • Format document for printing & signing
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DATA: Scorecard

  • Publish any Excel table or chart
  • Accessible instantly from all meetings
  • Surfaced through Excel Services or Power BI
  • Updated dynamically or static as part of meeting archive
  • Connect Microsoft Power BI to business systems data
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PROCESS: Core Processes

  • One source of the truth
  • Maintained and published in one document library for all teams
  • Rapid access and reference
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ISSUES: What Managers Do

  • Solving issues is what the executive team and other managers do
  • EOS Tools on Office 365 provide an integrated issue management system across all meeting engagements
    • VT/O™
    • L10
    • Quarterly
    • Annual Planning
  • Prioritize/select/IDS/record /archive
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TRACTION: Goals & Rocks

  • Goals and Rocks are tracked in a common list
  • Goals-Rocks list feeds V/TO™
  • Rock Sheet filters by company and personal Rocks
  • Team members can update Rock Sheet (on track, off track, done, not done) prior to each meeting to save time.
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MEETINGS: Weekly L10, Quarterly, Annual

  • Access to past and future weekly L10 meetings
  • Fixed agenda with links to necessary pages and lists in leftmost navigation pane
  • Process, record and archive
    • Attendance
    • IDS Issues
    • To Do List
    • Meeting Documents & Links
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