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Kickstart Your EOS® Implementation with Office 365 SharePoint

Companies all over the world are breaking through new boundaries with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®. Host your EOS® implementation in SharePoint on your Office 365 tenant. Trista Technology has SharePoint templates that will help your team get the most out of both EOS®; and Office 365. Contact us for a free in-person or online demo.

Collaborate on EOS® tools online:

  • V/TO™
  • Rock sheet
  • Issues list
  • IDS issues
  • L10 Meetings™
  • To Do List
  • Team & individual metrics with BI tools
Management Framework

Implement Your Favorite Management Framework on Office 365 SharePoint

New management frameworks are introduced each year through popular business books. Pick the one (or combine several) that best suit your needs and then implement your solution in Office 365 SharePoint. Create whatever works best for your team. Trista Technology has SharePoint templates that can work with many common frameworks and speed introduction. Contact us for a free in person or online assessment.

Incorporate key framework elements in your team site:

  • Brainstorm goals
  • Manage projects
  • Record & archive team meetings
  • Filter/track commitments by team member
  • Create and publish scorecards in Excel Services or Power BI
  • Visibility of all work team progress to management

Connected Facilitation™: Strategic Planning

When comprehensive results really matter engage your technology—think a SWOT analysis. Connected Facilitation™ allows parallel input to a common list online. Participants record their own ideas on laptops, tablets or phones. Capture greater detail; allow anonymous input; enable remote participation. Sort, filter, prioritize, and refine input as a group using database tools.

  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Parallel input lightning fast
  • Capture complex issues & arguments
  • Preload input
  • Remote participation
  • Power processing & publishing
  • Level power balance
  • Can be anonymous
  • Online consensus voting/tabulating

Board of Directors Sites

Gone are the days of updating, printing, and mailing board packets at the last minute. With an interactive Office 365 Board of Directors site your board will always have the information they need to be a working team and to help you make great decisions.

  • Meetings are self-documenting
  • Search/retrieve documents from past board meetings
  • Record and publish important decisions
  • Communicate and track commitments
  • Board members securely authenticate into the site
  • Interactively build and update agenda
  • Dedicated meeting document library eliminates board packets
  • Record and approve meeting minutes before anyone leaves the meeting