Connected Facilitation™: Strategic Planning

Effective Team

Connected Facilitation™

When comprehensive results really matter engage your technology—think a SWOT analysis. Connected Facilitation™ allows parallel input to a common list online. Participants record their own ideas on laptops, tablets or phones. Capture greater detail; allow anonymous input; enable remote participation. Sort, filter, prioritize, and refine input as a group using database tools.

  • Exceptionally efficient
  • Parallel input lightning fast
  • Capture complex issues & arguments
  • Preload input
  • Remote participation
  • Power processing & publishing
  • Level the power balance
  • Can be anonymous
  • Online consensus voting/tabulating
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Strategic Planning: SWOT/Strategies

  • Develop issues, rocks, goals & strategies through SWOT
  • Best done asynchronously
  • Open to entire company
  • Collect comprehensive description of issues (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats)
  • Process SWOT list to create and link to strategies
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Strategic Planning: SWOT Matrix

  • Especially effective at creating winning strategies
  • Eliminates the mental gymnastics of pivoting abstract ideas
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